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What's Happening?

The periodic garnishment has been revised again dated 12/15 and while the prior 9/15 revision may still be used it must be hand corrected for garnishment of State employees. 

A few decades ago you had to file a periodic garnishment for every pay period (or periodic income period) and you paid the employer (or garnishee) $6 to withhold some of that pay, called the disclosure fee.   Sometime before 2004 (as far back as we could look) the law changed to allow the garnishment to remain in effect for 91 days but the $6 disclosure fee remained.  Then in 2013 the law extended the time that the garnishment would remain in effect to 182 days but again the $6 disclosure fee remained unchanged.

Well a new law just this past September 2015 extended the time again keeping a periodic garnishment in effect without any time limit at all, lasting until the judgement debt (and costs and interest) were fully paid, which in cases of large debt could be years even decades.  Well the legislature evidently thought that $6 fee was a bit measly for all the work the garnishee had to do withholding funds every pay period for years so they raised the fee to $35 and the 9/15 revision listed that $35 as the amount to submit to the garnishee.  But alas, the legislature did not bother to change another state law that limits the disclosure fee to $6 if the employer or garnishee is the State of Michigan (MCL 600.406(3)(b)).   So the new 12/15 revisions adds a phrase to include that exception.

You can use up your 9/15 forms doing nothing so long as the State of Michigan is not the garnishee but if they are just cross out the $35 and hand correct it to $6.  We will continue to sell our remaining stock of the 9/15 form until we can get the new revision produced in all three formats we offer (continuous, carbonless, and carbon).  If you garnish State employees often you may wish to have us backorder your orders for the new revision but if not please help us use up our existing stock to save a tree and keep form costs down.     

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