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Most Popular Legal Forms

The following Michigan legal forms include some of our most popular forms and most commonly asked for forms. If you cannot find the forms you are looking for below, please refer to our complete Michigan legal form catalog or search for a form using the search bar at the top of the page.

Michigan Eviction Forms / Landlord-Tenant Forms

Michigan Demand for Possession

The Michigan Demand for Possession (DC100A) form is used against a tenant who has not paid rent to inform the tenant that eviction proceedings underway.

Michigan Complaint, Non-Payment of Rent

The Michigan Complaint, Non-Payment of Rent form is used to start eviction proceedings against a tenant who has not paid rent if a Michigan Demand for Possession has already been filed. At least 7 days must have passed from the time the Demand for Possession form was delivered.

In addition to eviction forms, we also offer a wide range of additional landlord / tenant forms including leases and inventory check lists.

Michigan Divorce Forms

Michigan Divorce Set

The Michigan Divorce Set (DIV.SET) includes a complete set of 30 different Michigan divorce forms.

Michigan Custody Set

The Michigan Custody Set (CUST.SET) includes a complete set of 19 necessary Michigan legal forms needed to file for custody.

Michigan Personal Protection Order (PPO)

A Michigan Personal Protection Order (PPO) form should be filed to request a court order for another person to stop threats or violence against the filer. There are two types of PPOs, domestic and non-domestic.

Domestic PPO

Use a Domestic Michigan Personal Protection Order if the person you are seeking protection from is your spouse, former spouse, someone you have children with, someone you are dating or have dated, or someone who lives or has lived with you.

Non-Domestic PPO

A Non-Domestic Personal Protection Order should be filed against someone who has committed two or more acts without your consent that have made you feel threatened, harassed, frightened or molested.

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