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Print your own forms

Eliminate Waste and Save Money

By some accounts 30 to 50% of stocked printed forms are never used due to obsolescence. Learn how to print forms as you need them on our carbonless paper. Note that you print these one sheet at a time.

CFB Carbonless paper:


- Prices are subject to change without notice -

Excel-One CFB, Self imaging, 20 pounds, white paper:
Sold by reams of 500 sheets or by the carton of 10 reams. All prices include shipping to zone 2, which includes most of lower Michigan, northern Ohio and Indiana, and the Chicago area.  Shipping to other zones may be included too, but call us to find out (it can take a day or two more to arrange.)

1 ream


2 reams

$35.00 per ream

5 reams

$30.00 per ream

1 carton

$299 per carton

6 cartons

$279 per carton

12 cartons

$269 per carton

*Call for special pricing on custom quantities


Features of our CFB: (click on blue words for more information)

  • Excel-One is guaranteed to run in most all printing devices including laser, inkjet, copiers, high speed copiers and duplicators, even offset presses. 
  • Each sheet is self imaging on the next: create a form with as many parts as you want with one paper to stock.
  • All white paper images better than colored paper in precollated sets
  • Earth friendly: FSC and SFI certified

For more information or frequently asked questions click here

Service Center: 800.258.0258