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DC100a - Demand for Possession Non Payment of Rent (Rev. 6/19)

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Use this if you want you tenant to pay the rent they owe or move out. It is often called a seven day notice because you can file a complaint in court if they don't pay the rent due within 7 days of serving the notice on the tenant. (Note that if you mail the notice to the tenant some courts require 9 days, allowing 2 extra days for the mail and furthermore in most courts weekend days or holidays don't count as part of the 7 days). Keep in mind that if the tenant pays the past due rent they are allowed to stay.

The basic form as designed by the State Court is a two part form, with one part for the landlord and one for the tenant. If your tenants typically pay their rent when you send them this notice that is all you need. If however you often have to go to court after the tenant gets this notice we offer it in 3-part versions with an extra landlord copy for the court and a 4-part version as well in continuous (see below).


  • DC100a The basic 2-part form in carbon.
  • DC100a/CL The basic 2-part form in self-imaging (carbonless) paper.
  • DC100a/3 3-part in carbon has an extra copy (for filing a complaint).
  • DC100a/3CL Our popular 3-part in self-imaging (carbonless) paper.
  • DC100a/C Continuous feed 2-part self-imaging forms (for dot matrix printers).
  • DC100a/4C Continuous feed 4-part forms (has Community & Rental Dept. copies).
  • DC100a/I 3 parts: the basic 2-part self-imaging form with the instruction sheet as part 3.

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