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Request a Quote

Printing New Items

Simply call or at 800-258-0258 or 517-337-1211 in the Lansing Michigan area. Send email to Tell us about what you intend to do, how these will be used, and the quantities you are interested in. We will offer you advice on the best way to meet your objectives from the perspective of printing. You can send us thumbnail sketches of what you envision by fax to: 517-337-9205. You can email any artwork files you have had done to Just call, fax, or email and ask for a quote.

Some things printed in standard sizes and on standard paper types can be quoted immediately on line complete with delivery charges – just click here.

Printing an Existing Item

If you have a printed piece you want reprinted, even with changes, mail (or ship) us a sample. While we can quote on standard commodity items like regular envelope from a phone call, for most custom printed items only a sample lets us see the paper, actual sizes, and other details like how it was folded. Ask us for prices on a specific quantity or a few larger quantities as well. Price per piece almost always goes down as the quantity goes up. If you can tell us what you previously paid (with shipping) we can do our best to beat it.

If it is not obvious from the sample how it is used or functions, tell us about that too so we can consider ways to make it work better or cost less (or both).

Mail your request to:
   P.O. Box 22003
   Lansing, MI 48909

For shipping by UPS or FED-X, send to:
   3382 Hulett Road
   Okemos, MI 48864

Service Center: 800.258.0258