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General information on fine stationery

  • Where applicable the items below are imaging finish specifically intended for use in laser and inkjet printers. 
  • Cotton fiber in stationery adds prestige, durability, and a great look and feel to the paper. We offer 25% and 100% cotton stationery. 
  • Sold in reams of 500 sheets or boxes of 500 envelopes. Blank paper prices are per ream of 8.5” x 11” paper or box of envelopes. Sales tax in Michigan and shipping on some items are additional (shipping is included with most printed envelopes). 
  • Keep in mind prices on paper are volatile and so can change without notice before we can get these prices updated so please call to order at 800-258-0258.

Stationery & Stationery Envelopes

Howard Linen Writing

Howard Linen Writing

Item Details

Elegant linen finish but at a great price. 24 pound, guaranteed for laser and ink-jet.

8.5 x 11 sheets or #10 regular “v-flap” envelopes

  • Bright White
  • Other colors available on special order
  • Genuine watermark 
  • Caliper (thickness) .0052” 
  • Opacity 91

Sheets: $23.00per ream of 500

Envelopes: $59.00 per box of 500

  • 1 color is black or reflex blue. 2 colors include black or reflex blue plus one standard color (regular blue, red, green, burgundy, gray, brown – click here for PMS numbers)
  • Add$12 for two standard colors (other than black or reflex blue). 
  • Add $25 for any other PMS colors or $50 for two other PMS colors.

These are printed with laser safe offset ink. Digital printing of letterhead (not envelopes) is also available at lower cost for smaller quantities but is not guaranteed laser safe.






Letterhead 1 color (black or blue)

$75.00 $97.00 $200.00 $365.00

Letterhead 2 color (standard colors)

$110.00 $136.00 $257.00 $412.00

Envelopes 1 color (black or blue)

$104.00 $168.00 $352.50 $660.00

Envelopes 2 color (standard colors)

$142.00 $198.00 $432.50 $775.00

Shipping is additional for Howard Linen.

4 color laser-safe printing of Howard Linen is not available but is for letterhead or envelopes on 70# smooth or linen text (no watermarks)