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Products For Courts & Government

  • Michigan court forms: The courts, county clerks, housing commissions, and many other government agencies in Michigan buy the state approved court forms from us.
  • Custom forms,
  • stationery
  • envelopes, Standard window envelopes printed with return address and delivered go for only $250 for 5000
  • business cards Full color business cards cost only $40 per thousand.
  • Cash Receipts in continuous feed:
    • We stock two district court receipts and a sheriff receipt. Call and let us beat what you presently pay.
      • DCR is our narrow 3-part district court receipt. It is 3 and 2/3” high and 9.5” wide (with the line holes). These come 3000 per carton.
      • DCR-2 is a 3-part square district court receipt, which is 5.5” x 6.5” (with the line holes). These are sold 2000 sets per carton.
      • SR is our 3-part sheriff receipt, which is narrow like the DCR (3 2/3” x 9.5”) and also comes 3000 to a carton. 
  • Uniform Law Citations for Michigan: We offer three types, which are all custom printed so email us at or call 800-258-0258 for a specific quote for the quantity you need: All are sold in books of 25 tickets with wrap-around covers to put under the top ticket as you write it and include a bottom card listing a record of citations with a book receipt card attached. 
    • UC01a: This is the standard 6-part Uniform Law Citation. It allows for 3 citations on each ticket and is used by all police agencies throughout the state. Many courts or municipalities have us add a 7th part printed with a list of fines or other directions or information. Some order fine schedules printed separately in pads to allow more frequent changes to fines. 
    • UC01b: This is a standard 4-part Uniform Law Citation. It is a single citation that is most useful for non-traffic violations such as building code, zoning, animal, or park violations. 
    • UC02 and UC03: These are used only for municipal civil infractions and are typically issued by a municipal ordinance violations bureau. The UC02 is a 2-part Municipal Civil Infraction Notice of Violation. The UC03 is a 3-part Municipal Civil Infraction Citation. While they can be printed separately, they are designed to be bound together as a 5-part ticket that combines the 2-part notice with the 3-part citation. When you fill in the notice it images through and fills in the citation at the same time. 

All tickets are printed with your custom information in black ink on all copies just as clear on the bottom copy as on the top. They are not “crash printed” where your custom information only carbons down through getting faint and fuzzy by the bottom copies. Numbering in two places is crash numbered with red ink on the top copy. Please call 800-258-0258 for a custom quote. 

While there are no minimums, these all start roughly between $600 and $800 for even a minimal order of say 10 books so at such a small quantity the price might be $80 per book. But prices fall dramatically for higher quantities so that 100 books might cost around $9 or $10 per book. Prices drop with higher quantities and vary with the type you want so please email us at or call 800-258-0258 for a custom quote. 

  • Continuous feed JIS register of action cards: One part, 100 pound white tag cards in continuous feed of the DC250, Felony Register of Actions or the DC251 Misdemeanor Register of Actions. The DC250 is printed in black ink. The DC251 is printed in blue ink. Email us at or call 800-258-0258 for prices.
  • Continuous feed Collection 2-way mailers: These were designed by the 8th District Court in Kalamazoo in conjunction with us at Target to work with software the Kalamazoo courts had developed. The mailers have a fly sheet for the court records on top of an outside envelope combined with a return envelope and statement sheet inside. Email us at or call 800-258-0258 for prices on your custom printed mailers. 
  • Juror questionnaires: We stock the standard MC321a/b in pads of single sheets with the Juror Qualification Questionnaire (MC321a, revised 3/12) on the front and the Personal History Questionnaire (MC321b, revised 3/09) on the back. However many courts modify these for custom printed continuous feed two way mailers. Send us a sample of your custom juror questionnaires for a quote. Mail to P.O. Box 22003, Lansing, MI 48909.
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